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Live Show 4 X Factor Australia 2016 Recap Videos

Live Show 4 X Factor Australia 2016 Recap Videos
Written by Gary Norman

Live Show 4 X Factor Australia 2016 Recap Videos

  • Another round of singing this week. Killer tracks and curveballs (or not)
  • Isaiah Firebrace has best radio voice and should win.
  • Yawn. Davey or Beatz to hit the exit doors.
  • Final Season prediction supported by low ratings continues.
  • Full judge comments here


The fourth live show (Episode 16) of X Factor Australia aired. Live Show 4 X Factor Australia 2016 Recap Videos

Everyone sang twice because they have time to fill. One song is for the theme “killer tracks” – playing to their strengths – and the other is for the theme “curveballs”

As to the future, the ratings from last week improved but this will be the final series on this platform. Production costs and ratings are well below expectations. Here what went down.

Davey Woder  performed Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival as his killer track.

 Adam stated better and better, calls him a rock star. Iggy loved it but no reason to be nervous. Guy can’t wait for people to see his next song.

Live Show 4 X Factor Australia 2016 Recap Videos

Amalia sang Brave by Sara Bareilles as her killer track.  Iggy underwhelmed with like a star every week. Guy thinks this song suited her. Mel preferred last week to this week. Adam thought she was shooting a video for the song.

Vlado dragged out the underinflated I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston as his curveball song. Adam thought Mel lost her mind. The judges are all full of BS praise. After Mel argued with Adam about his outfit, she admits the rehearsals were crap.

Isaiah Firebrace  sang FourFiveSeconds by Kanye West, Rihanna, and Paul McCartney as his curveball song.  Adam stands for him at the end. Iggy loved his approach. Guy doesn’t think it was memorable. Mel admits that he sang the crap out of it. Adam says that his voice is made for radio. We know that!

Beatz performed Move by Little Mix. Mel stands for them. Adam confesses it much better than last week. Iggy liked it. Guy wants them to strip it back. Of course Mel says they killed it. More judging bs.

Davey Woder was talked into Billie Jean by Michael Jackson (the Chris Cornell version). Adam found it disjointed. Iggy really liked it. Guy stated he hopes he survives this week.

Vlado with Perfect Strangers by Jonas Blue. Guy wants him to start dancing next time. Mel at the opposite end said dancing is not his thing.

Isaiah Firebrace given A Change is Gonna Come. All four judges stand up. Mel said “that’s what Im talking about…check check check booyah”. Adam is really proud of him. Winner right here.

Live Show 4 X Factor Australia 2016 Recap Videos

Amalia handed Faded by Alan Walker. Adam and Mel stand. Guy believed it was too dramatic. Mel loved it. Adam  found it stunning.

Beatz handed Walk This Way by Run DMC.  Iggy  no curveball. Guy blames Mel. Iggy, Guy and Mel argue. Great tv.

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