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X Factor Australia Season 8 Grand Final Recap videos

X Factor Australia Season 8 Grand Final Recap videos
Written by Gary Norman

X Factor Australia Season 8 Grand Final Recap

Final performance show happened overnight. Two themes were offered up. Showstoppers a song designed to secure a win. Second a duo.  Here’s our coverage of the X Factor Australia Season 8 Grand Final Recap videos.

Amalia Set Fire To The Rain by Adele. Hometown visits and  first time in a limo. Back to her school for the 15 year old student. Adam shared Algebra was the only class he failed. Amalia is a black belt at Karate. Family, some tears and hugging her parents. Then there was a small video of her homecoming gig at the local mall.

Amalia peaks her season with this live performance.  She received a four judge standing ovation. Emotions are all over the stage. Iggy has the feels after every performance. Guy  and Mel love her talent and mysterious aspect of her singing. Adam was proud of her, loved watching her grow, says it’s just the beginning for her. Code for you should be happy with second place.

Vlado performed Say You Won’t Let Go  with James Arthur. A one sided duo indeed.

Davey Woder performed 7 Years by Lucas Graham. Davey goes to the pub . Then on to the tyre shop where he worked. Then a homecoming concert. Onto the performance. All four judges stand up.  Mel claimed the song was perfect. Adam notes he’s real. Iggy never expected to love him so much. Guy shared it paid off.

Isaiah Firebrace performed Wake Me Up with Jessica Mauboy. One of the best duets in the past five years. She wished Isaiah the best.

James Arthur performed Safe Inside.

Amalia sang Boom Clap with Charlie XCX. Charlie expressed how amazing Amalia is. We know. Thanks for coming.

Vlado performed Closer by NeYo. Off to home with Mel B and performed a mini concert Stitches by Shawn Mendes. After the performance Adam loved the showmanship. Iggy loved his energy. Guy notes that he’s a natural performer. Mel was happy and is a star.

Davey Woder duo Robbie Williams with Angels. Robbie shakes Davey at the end.

Isaiah Firebrace performed Halo by Beyonce. Home to Moama – the name means “place of the dead.” He received  the biggest turnout. Adam stated that the entire town seems to have showed up for his concert. Iggy becomes all emotional she started to tear up. Guy states he moves people.  Mel states he gave them everything. Adam claimed to be always blown away  and a star for the world as well.

Voting opened. Isaiah for the win. Amalia second Davey and Vlado finish third or fourth. The results Monday Night 7:30 pm EST

X Factor Australia Grand Final: Isaiah Firebrace favourite to win

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… is the $1.60 favourite to be crowned X Factor Australia winner ahead of … Season 8 of the hit Channel Seven show looks set for a tense finale …

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