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The Voice 12 Battle Rounds 3 Recap videos

Written by Gary Norman

The Voice 12 Battle Rounds 3 Recap videos

Another round of television battles is was aired 3/27/2017. Here’s The Voice 12 Battle Rounds 3 Recap videos

Adam Levine joined by John Legend. Luke Bryan joined with Blake Shelton. Celine Dion joined Gwen Stefani and DJ Khaled helps Alicia Keys prepare her team.

The Voice 12 Battle Rounds 3 Recap videos

The Voice 12 Battle Rounds 3 Recap videos NBC


Josh Hoyer vs T. Soul – Team Blake Shelton – In the Midnight Hour by Wilson Pickett  Team Blake In The Midnight Hour. TSoul wins another chance with Blake. Download from iTunes

Autumn Turner vs Vanessa  Ferguson  Team Alicia Keys, Killing Me Softly with His Song by Roberta Flack. Autumn was a four chair turn winner aired in episode two this season. While Vanessa won a three chair turn on episode 7. I feel Autumn will win and Vanessa should be a steal candidate.  Download at iTunes Adam wanted to steal her. Blake thought it was equal. Alicia speaks to the sisterhood and Autumn’s range. Alicia chose Vanessa.

A double steal. Adam thought she had improved. Gwen wants to help her style and personality and cuts through on this stage. Strong pitches. Blake stomped on Adam in favor of Gwen. Autumn chose Adam.

Johnny Hayes vs Julien Martinez Team Adam Levine Hard to Handle by Otis Redding/Black Crowes. Johnny was a two chair winner in episode one. While Julien was also a two chair winner. Download at iTunes Blake believed Johnny took the battle. Alicia caught in a split between them. Gwen thought Julien had a chance. Johnny is already a star. Winner was Johnny.

Caroline Sky vs Stephanie Rice Team Gwen Stefani – The First Cut is the Deepest by Cat Stevens/Rod Stewart . Caroline 16 years young won two chairs episode 5. While Stephanie was a two chair turn winner episode one.  Stephanie has 11 years on Caroline, but could be close singing this old classic in a different style. Download at iTunes Caroline lifted in rehearsals. Adam saw Caroline’s potential. Blake spoke about Caroline’s spark but would lean to Stephanie. Alicia thought Caroline took this contest. Gwen chose Stephanie. Steal? Blake stole her!! YES. He wants to help her finish. Best ever!

Kawan Debose vs Malik Davage Team Adam Levine Love Me Now by John Legend. Kawan 30, won three chairs while Malik 23, was Adam’s final pick turn for the season. Kawan. Download at iTunes Gwen thought Malik was more urgent. Adam gave a life lesson and he can work better with was Malik.


Enid Ortiz vs Valerie Ponzio Team Blake Shelton Love Triangle by RaeLynn. Enid, 25  won by default while Valerie was a four chair turn. Valerie will advance. Easy. Download at iTunes Montage…. Enid.
Hanna Eyre vs Sheena Brook Team Adam Levine Try by Pink. Hanna 15, won a three chair turn, episode six. While Sheena, 33 was a default win. Hanna should get pass Sheena.  Download at iTunes Hanna won.

Jozy Bernadette vs Troy Ramey Team Gwen Stefani Angel Eyes by Jeff Healey. Jozy 25, won two chairs in episode seven. While Troy is a four chair turn winner. Troy.  Download at iTunes Troy won.

Hunter Plake vs Jack Cassidy Team Alicia Keys Dancing on my Own by Robyn. Hunter 20, from Louisiana was a two chair winner.  While Jack 18, from CA was a two chair turn from episode four. This is a leaked performance and likely a steal candidate.  Download at iTunes.  What a great battle. A steal happened. Alicia chose Jack. Hunter was stolen by Adam and Gwen!  Hunter chose…..



The Voice 12 Battle Rounds 3 Recap videos

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