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The Voice Season 12 2017 Blind Auditions March 6 Video

Written by Gary Norman

The Voice Season 12 2017 Blind Auditions March 6 Video


The fourth episode of the Blind Audition aired March 6 and was a two hour episode. The Voice Season 12 2017 Blind Auditions March 6 Video

The Voice Season 12 2017 Blind Auditions March 6 Video

The Voice Season 12 2017 Blind Auditions March 6 Video

Micah Tryba – I’m Every Woman by Whitney Houston – Download from iTunes

Music has been part of her life forever and suffered financial issues. She went back to school for animal medicine. School is now on hold

School is now on hold. Blake and Gwen turned. Alicia praised her vocal. Blake pitched she was a winner. Gwen pitched about being aware of the dimples. As a female and working together. She stated she was going out on a limb choosing Blake over Gwen. Nice work for both the contestant and Blake.

Troy Ramey – Wild World by Cat Stevens – Download from iTunes

We are given his family history losing his father to cancer. He also was in a band, but at 32 he wants more. The song has special meaning to him.  Blake turned early. Adam followed. Gwen and Alicia gave him a full house! Gwen enjoyed his performance and tender. Alicia she enjoyed his classic tones and called him call. Blake wants to meet his mom. He claims he sang like a man. He loved the song choice and wants to be part of his journey. Hard choice. He chose Gwen.

Jack Cassidy – One of Us by Joan Osborne – Download from iTunes

Grandson of Shirley Jones from the Partridge Family and musicals. His uncles include David and Shaun Cassidy. He started as a worship leader and performed without a band. Adam and Alicia pitched for him. Adam found the passion in his work. Blake pitched for Alicia. Alicia asked about his background. She totally felt it. Blake asked who would …. Adam had one last word. Jack chose Alicia.

The Voice Season 12 2017 Blind Auditions March 6 Video
Kawan DeBose – Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye – Download from iTunes

He is 30 years of age. Has experience opening for Mary J Bligh and more. He gigs and LA and goes back to his church roots at other times. Music industry is very hard. He wants the experience and coaching knowledge to help him. Adam, Blake and the girls roll in their chairs. Gwen turned. Alicia held out! Adam wants him comparing him to Prince. Priority one on Team Adam. Gwen seeks his past. She states about the fun and color – God gift. Alicia talks about praising Team Adam. Blake shared about his stage presence. He chose Adam. Good choice.

Taylor Alexander – Believe by Cher – Download from iTunes 

25 years old from Georgia country singer. He tried punk in a rebel time in his early times. He went back to country and played in a band called Young America. He moved to Nashville, stepping into the show for a platform. His song choice is not in his genre. Adam by default. Adam talked about the Cher song, so weird and wonderful. Alicia compliments him.

The Voice Season 12 2017 Blind Auditions March 6 Video

Gaby Borromeo – Happy by Leona Lewis – Download from iTunes

22, lives in New York. Making demos at the ripe age of 12. Moved to New York at 15 doing her GED online. She worked with John Legend. She found a person to push her to do the show. Blake and Adam out first. Adam believes she could win the show, unbelievable and belongs on his team. Blake told her she was incredible .. a smile when she sings. Blake wants her because he was worried about Adam screw it up. Adam speaks to his career. She chose…….Adam.

Missy Robertson – Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia CaraDownload from iTunes

34 an employment hunter for disable clients. She has a history in looking for a music career since 17. Now is her time to help her. Alicia and Blake last second turns. Alicia claimed her voice was beautiful. Blake pitches his strange reason to turn. He wants diversity on his team. Gwen added her two cents about being a winner regardless. She chose Alicia.

Aaliyah Rose – Rise Up by Andra Day – Download from iTunes

14 years old. Large family 9 people in the house. Meghan Trainor sent her a personal video message wishing her luck. They connected via Aaliyah’s videos on YouTube. Gwen turned. Talented and gifted, losing some control in the middle , but came back at the end. A strong connection between Gwen and Aaliyah.

Josh West – Ordinary World by Duran Duran – Download from iTunes

Four chair turn….. last performance. What a surprise. He is 17 years old from AZ. Motor bikes, leather and performing at a rock house…. with his dad. He wants a change of audience….no foodies welcome. He spoke about his family’s support and the possibilities. WOW listen to this guy. Good cover. Adam reveals his love in his life. Is this a record shop?…. Blake. Alicia wants to duo with him and be in his own lane on the show. Blake tries to pitch, its all about the coaching. He loves both of the Durans. Ha. Gwen states she loves his voice. He chose…..Adam makes sense.

The Voice Season 12 2017 Blind Auditions March 6 Video


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