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The Voice Season 12 2017 March 13 Blind Audition Recap

Written by Gary Norman

The Voice Season 12 2017 March 13 Blind Audition Recap

Another round of contestants with sixth episode of the Blind Auditions aired March 13 and a two hour episode. The Voice Season 12 2017 March 13 Blind Audition Recap.

This season’s battle advisers are: John Legend for Team Adam; Celine Dion for Team Gwen; DJ Khaled for Team Alicia; Luke Bryan for Team Blake.

You will find download links to iTunes for each successful artist. Please remember the voting policy.

Valerie Ponzio, 32 years of age, El Paso Texas….Country Americana genre. Blind Audition: “Ring of Fire” received a four chair turn. Gwen was first, then Alicia, with the others jumping the tail. Alicia was wrapped in her soul. Adam and Blake battle it out. Adam called her amazing. Gwen took to the stage to kiss her on cheek. Alicia pitches her team to her. Blake pitched the country Nashville lock in.

Valerie chose…… Blake! 

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Kenny P. 30 years old. Small house owner in Tennessee. 294 sqft. From a musical family, rock and punk bands doing the fun gigs. Now he is into country and moving away from tips only. His partner was excited for him. Hello It’s Me by Todd Rundgren Gwen and Blake pitch. The moustache from Vienna. Gwen admitted to playing more country as well. He chose Gwen. – Download at iTunes

Enid Ortiz  25 years old from FL. She claimes to want to use this show as a step up. Joey her fiancee was introduced. Blake did the final countdown. Others claim foul ball. She revealed a skin disorder and Alicia share a moment. All I Ask by Adele – Download at iTunes

RJ Collins 18 from Chicago and a family of musicians. His brother was killed and motivated his step into music. Purpose by Justin Bieber message when things get tough. Five seconds in Adam turned. His range and clarity was perfect. Alicia turned. She has been ready for magic and find more greatness. Blake pitched Alicia over Adam. He chose Alicia.Download at iTunes

The Voice Season 12 2017 March 13 Blind Audition Recap


T-Soul. 29 year old VirginiaClaimed real name Terry. Performing for six years. He sang a coach song. Five seconds, Adam, Blake five seconds after that. Twas soulful. Sorry had too. Classic pitchin. Take Me To the River by Al Green. Alicia pitched Adam, Gwen pitched Blake. He chose Blake.Download at iTunes

Montague event.

Andrea Thomas Baby, Now that I’ve Found You by The Foundation/Allison Krauss – Download at iTunes Team Blake. Former Carrie Underwood backup singer.
Davina Leone  Cheap Thrills by Sia – Download at iTunes Gwen turned.


Hanna Eyre 15 from California. We met the family because her dad entered her. More family moments, teaching piano took on Blank Space by Taylor Swift. Biggest thing she has done to date. Adam turned, a good range and Blake, then Gwen turned. Pitches flying from all coaches. Gwen recalled her experience. Blake talked about the tip of an iceberg. Adam boy girl coach, does not matter, Gwen challenged him. Blake bull crap other coaches. – Download at iTunes Hanna chose………….Adam.
Hunter Plake 20, from Louisianna. Floods in his background last year. Lost house and car in the flood. Gwen was first to turn. Alicia jumped in. Two pitches. Alicia talked about his own unique on her team. Gwen would love to work with him. Alicia went for the last word. Carry On by .fun – Download at iTunes Hunter chose Alicia.

Nala Price 17, from Florida. Family and talent shows were shared. Senior in highschool life change event will happen. Adam and Gwen jumped out of the gate. Alicia commend her. Blake pitched for Gwen. Adam was hooked on her falsalto. Gwen claimed she understood the lyric and showcased your voice. Love love. Send My Love (To Your New Lover) by Adele – Download at iTunes Nala chose….Adam.

Sammie Zonana 24 from Austin Texas. studied writing then went to music. Went gigging downtown, then went to wedding singer. Unconditional love in the family to support her relationship. Gwen was hand poised from the first bar. Alicia talked about the bluesy uniqueness. Blake counted out as he liked to hang with Gwen. Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande – Download at iTunes


The Voice Season 12 2017 March 13 Blind Audition Recap

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