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The Voice UK 2017 Live Knockouts 11 March video

The Voice UK 2017 Live Knockouts 11 March video
Written by Gary Norman

The Voice UK 2017 Live Knockouts 11 March video

Episode three Team hits the stage live. The Voice UK 2017 Live Knockouts 11 March video. What went down?

Six contestants only three places to the finals. Two are chosen by the public, one is chosen by the coach.

The team were introduced, again, it was the live Knockouts. More knocks.

Stay with us. Videos posted when available from ITV.

Tanya was first up. He was able to steal her. In practice she did not want to screech. She squeezed her bum cheek to get to that top note. HA WOW powerful from the start. Fast maybe a touch. But its ninety seconds to fame or fail. She was impressive.

Will praised her for looks and performance. Boyaka Boyaka. Gavin enjoyed her confidence. JHud talked about her outfit. Full package. Tom talked about her professional approach. Back to the shoes. She enjoyed the crowd.

The Voice UK 2017 Live Knockouts 11 March video

Hayley 22. Recapped her blind audition. Her song from Lady Antebellum. She wanted to give it some. Again the pace is faster….insert ninety seconds blah blah. Good vocals. JHud asked her about her nerves, which she covered it well. Flawless. Tom lovely sounding voice. Maybe thinking about her pitch and concentrating too hard. Gavin liked the song choice. You keep getting better and better. Will. Different types of fire, love and fire…place, cosy romantic, wine and fish. She was caught up in the backstage and enjoyed every second on the show. Will she advance?

Jason Jones 32 call center guy. Only male on the team. Four chair turn on the Blind auditions. He sang Into You. He wanted to change his life, something we can relate too. Great voice and performance. Geesh! He has to advance. Will claimed his voice is so incredible. Something about no shirt!? Tom claimed he had gotten stronger. He shined! JHud he claimed his own tempo on the foot movement. His voice is unique and effortless. Jason loved best feeling. Vote.

Lia has 17 years on her side. Will claimed her to have a Rihanna feeling. Girls Just Want to Have Fun was allocated. So she claimed her own version spin on this. Slowed and higher range start. Then moved into something closer to the original. Has a good soft tone in her lower register. JHud claimed the perfect song for you. A girl girl. Solonage and Aailyah. Keep sangin, keep sanging. Gavin liked her original changes and her use of the guitar. Will. He was proud of her, turned it to her own and re-imagined it.

Clara music student. Don’t know about that one Alarm. Beats from Will managed to convince her to perform. A Carrabean feel with lots of funk. Brilliant in my book! Watch the video. Will. The red dress and her singing…that was Fire! Gavin claimed her as the entire package, special and the dress was awesome. Tom loved it. Short. JHud You are an artist get ready for it. Clara could not believe her presence in front of the cast. Good chance of advancing.

Michele John. 43 backing singer. Blind audition recapped. A Bonny Rhett song claimed the song choice will showcase a different side of her. Sickness hit her practice. WOW what a great voice inside this emotional performance. Huge range was the highlight for 90 seconds. J Hud went to church. Such a shame it was for 90 secs. She enjoyed the crowd accepted her. JHud shout JESUS! Wave her hand. Tom claimed her powerful voice and range. Tone was so strong and natural sound. Gavin felt her pain and her history. Tension and madness…..extraordinary voice. Will. A lifetime waiting to come. Emma cut him off. Live Telly.

Best were Michelle, Clara and Jason. What did Britain do?



  1. Jason

2. Michele

Will chose……..Tanya in the longest hold out on telly this year. Clara shame, Lia and Haley.


This episode aired from 8.30 until 9.45pm.

Musical guest: Bush (‘Mad love’)

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TBCwill.i.amMichelle JohnI Can’t Make You Love Me
TBCClara HurtadoAlarm
TBCJason JonesInto You
TBCHayley EcclesNeed You Now
TBCTanya LaceyChanging
TBCLia WhiteGirls Just Want to Have Fun

Episode 4 (12 March)

Sunday night at 7:45PM on ITV with Team Gavin

Musical guest:

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TBCGavin RossdaleKeziah RodellTrouble
TBCMax VickersI Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor
TBCTruly FordMillion Reasons
TBCSarah MorganI Will Always Love You

Live finals are next week

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