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The Voice UK 2017 Week 1: Quarter-final (18 March)

The Voice UK 2017 Week 1: Quarter-final (18 March)
Written by Gary Norman

The Voice UK 2017 Week 1: Quarter-final (18 March)

The latest episode aired from 8.30pm to 10.30pm. The Voice UK 2017 Week 1: Quarter-final (18 March).

Was it hyper epic or fail? All live. Jennifer Hudson, Sir Tom Jones, Gavin Rosedale, and Emma hosting.

The Voice UK 2017 Week 1: Quarter-final (18 March)

The Voice UK 2017 Week 1: Quarter-final (18 March) ITV

A marathon show revealed the top 8, four were sent home. Who were the lucky ones to stay?

The results and video links are posted here YouTube video link

Will Team – Tanya was first act to perform. This was a very good performance. Gavin reflects on how she smashed it. JHud, cool edge and keep it up. Sir Tom loved it. Hot. She was happy to open the show. Watch her.

Jason Jones – Pre performance was taken up with all three were featured in the coach’s new video. First time hearing this tune, lots of repeat words in the ninety second…. still great. Tom enjoyed it. Will. your name is the whole damn week!? Gavin thought he did a great voice. JHud, she felt it coming…. you know what she means. He praises his chance on the show. More plugs for Coronation St.

Michele John was next. The backup singer recap and her song announcement. Lots of big notes and she will go for. Will corrected her during rehearsal. Great range and strong performance. DO watch the clip. That BIG note! Four chair standing Ovation from all the coaches!!! Will rocked his only word Fiyah. She smashed it. Tom claimed she was really something. Gavin talked about overcome of her fear stood out to him. JHud she talked about her likability, she gave it right. Emma talked about her having her own backing singers.

RESULT ,,,, Will. chose one…………….. Jason!

The Voice UK 2017 Week 1: Quarter-final (18 March)

Tom Team – Craig lead the team. Your recap was about his family and support. Tom claimed he wanted it so bad. He did a good job within 90 seconds. Tom thought it was powerful. Wonderful job. JHud she claimed he made her feel it. Gavin reminds him about the audition. He bet his performance last week with praise for Tom. Craig talked about the song was her favourite.

Nadine was Tom’s save last week. She admits to be nervous outside of her normal genre. They swapped to a George Michael song.  Her performance was richer into the second half of the selected song. Tom believed her performance touched him. Will and his Hawaiian campfire. JHud suggested her confidence grew.

Into the Ark – Welsh boys recapped their last performance. Tom wanted Taylor to perform the main voice.  Well done. Watch it. JHud.. stated she would leave if they do not stay. Tom mentors some Welsh pronunciation. They were unique and valley well done. Will. praised them for being a cross Hall and Oates. Both were happy with the comments.

RESULT …. Tom chose one ……. He went Welsh with Into the Ark.

Team was third. Max was recapped. Gavin wants an edge. He went see his coach in a live gig. Love or hate it this was a full 90 second rip. Crowd was non stop cheering. Gavin was dancing in his chair. He claimed his was the greatest. So heavy! Will. He claimed to be a fan of him. JHud rock rock, he game her the spirit. He talked about performing like his own gig would be.

Truly was recapped by finding her family in the crowd. She was his save and speaks to attracting an audience vote. Know the words and leave the nerves. No nerves evident. Great range and last note climax. Gavin on another level praise. Tom she handled that up tempo well. He loved it. JHud saw her as a winner. Truly wanted to have fun and thanked the band, backstage……

Sarah Morgan recap included last week. She was happy with the song choice. He wanted her to be more open and had to get into the song. Another Mt Everest challenge for a young singer. The song ate her. Gavin nothing matters, you recovered. JHud believe it, keep going. Will. people will feel the heart. Sarah enjoyed the performance.

RESULT …..Gavin chose…………..Truly

The Voice UK 2017 Week 1: Quarter-final (18 March)

Jamie Miller was recapped as something he would not ever forget. Family support and encouragement helped him as a student. Jennifer wanted the vocals and heart. All four stood! Yes four.

JHud productions have grown stars. She loved his confidence. Tom loved it and reminisced about his own childhood. He has a package. Will. Boyah boyah you smashed it. Gavin reminds he turned on the blind, great job, full package. He speaks to his not so good rehearsal.

Jack was back. JHud saved him last week. He reflected on how he would not let JHud down and deserved to go. T’was better than last week, he did the song justice to a good level. JHud stated how she was proud of him. Tom claimed it was a strong performance. Gavin be proud, you shined, convincing and be proud of himself. Will. he claimed he was out of the bag. Jack wanted to do it again.

Mo! Was go. Recapped last performance, featuring how he seeks quiet time. He claimed to relate to the music selected. Simplicity! Knocked it out of the park. So sure and heart. Best of night!!!

FOUR CHAIR standing O! Tom loved Bob Dylan, he claimed he related to the song. JHud, she claimed to have seen the gates open. Gavin talked about himself, when he heard his voice was the reason he did the show. Will. it was amazing. Mo shared he did not want to fall from the stairs.

RESULT …….JHud chose……. Mo! She ran with 


Musicial guest: Clean Bandit & Zara Larsson (“Symphony“)

TBAwill.i.amJason JonesI Feel It Coming Will’s choice
TBAMichelle JohnI’m Every Woman Public vote
TBATanya LaceyGood Luck Eliminated
TBASir Tom JonesInto the ArkJealous Tom’s choice
TBANadine McGheeA Different Corner Eliminated
TBACraig WardAll These Things That I’ve Done Public vote
TBAGavin RosdaleTruly FordLights Gavin’s choice
TBASarah MorganRoyals  Eliminated
TBAMax VickersLonely Boy Public vote
TBAJennifer HudsonMo AdeniranKnockin’ on Heaven’s Door JHud’s choice
TBAJack BurleyThis Love  Eliminated
TBAJamie MillerLove on the Brain” Public

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