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The Voice UK 2017 Live Knockouts 5 March video

The Voice UK 2017 Live Knockouts 5 March video
Written by Gary Norman

The Voice UK 2017 Live Knockouts 5 March video

Tonight Team Tom Jones is on deck. Who advanced? The Voice UK 2017 Live Knockouts 5 March video.

Special performance from Jennifer Hudson. Premiere.

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First up tonight was Nadine. She speaks to dad’s struggle with dementia. Tom encouraged her to perform it just like that tonight. She was a bit flat, breathing  issues, like her nerves got to her. Lots of happy clapping from the crowd. Tom was up on his feet. He – “put the emotion into the song!” Gavin – “She did everyone proud.”  Will – “every note was perfect, as well as the emotion.”  JHud – “…great job.”

Watch last night’s performances – Team JHud.

Craig Ward took to the stage and sang the heck out of “Hold on Tight” for 90 seconds. Impressed. Would have wanted to hear the full edition. J Hud – “You did good.”  Will. – “You reminded me, these simple gatherings, fire on the ceiling.” Gavin – “The song was a good song choice. Fantastic.”  Sir Tom – ” Scotland is proud of you.” Craig – “It’s hard to hold this together…”

Next Victoria, 16 was stolen by Tom. He loved her voice during the Battles. Tom encouraged her not to worry about the high part of the song. Strong but a little breathless at the end. Will.- “You worked through those nerves”…… “kinda live.” She added. He thought she did amazing. Gavin enjoyed her confidence. Tom – “You are very competent! You sound like a professional….”

Capital B were next. A duo. The show is their first platform as a duo. Double the pressure was claimed by the pair. JHud – “You all made me proud.” Tom “The blend was beautiful…. you are tight … a wonderful job.” Will. – “It was soothing…. I fly a lot. Enchanting.” He liked it. The girls are happy …best friend exchange.

Dannii 20. In practice, they exchanged wonderful feelings, but final practice brought out the nerves. Time for business. Well that was not all good but not bad. Will – “Bits and moments, some parts were good….. dynamite.” Gavin – he believed she did well to be herself. Tom – he could tell she was nervous. She does have a good tone. Dannii admitted to being nervous.

Into The Ark. The boys travelled up and down the UK. Lets do it. Keep those eyes open …. connection to the audience was discussed. Tom and JHud went up at the end. JHud loved the dance, she wanted to go to their concert. Tom – “……nobody else like them on this show like them.” You sound great but write your own songs.” Will. He would buy their music. “True fire!”


Voted through

  1. Craig.

2. Into The Ark

Tom added ………  Nadine all advanced to the quarters. Next weekend showcases and G.avin!

The Voice UK 2017 Live Knockouts 5 March video

The Voice UK 2017 Live Knockouts 5 March video

Tomorrow night Episode 2 (5 March)

Musical guest: Jennifer Hudson (“Remember Me”)

This episode will air from 7.45pm until 9.00pm.

TBCTom JonesInto The ArkHold On, We’re Going Home
TBCCapital BOne Day I’ll Fly Away
TBCCraig WardHold On Tight
TBCDannii BarnesFalse Alarm
TBCNadine McGheeSecret Love Song
TBCVictoria KerleyFind Me

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